Brad Cann’s Story

Brad Cann’s Story

After over twenty years working in Real Estate Brad Cann is a seasoned professional with a trusted name and an impressive track record.

Displaying unremitting passion, energy and drive, his goal is, quite simply, to use his wealth of experience to help home sellers achieve a fantastic result.

Brad launched his career in 1994 in his hometown of Chelsea and was director of his own agency there for more than a decade. The key to his success is rooted in his many years expertise with working directly within the housing market. His dedication, organisational skills and genuine empathy for clients in the process of selling are other validating factors contributing to his remarkable effectiveness. “I have always enjoyed the variety working in real estate offices, as well as making lifelong clients and friends” says Brad. He enjoys spending his leisure time engaged in the active and stamina building pursuits of paragliding and marathon running.

Brad’s years of industry knowledge and passion for real estate will ensure his Vendors receive the best advice, and have a great experience, when they sell their next home.

Graham Caulfield’s Story

Graham Caulfield’s Story

With a real estate career spanning as far back as 1981, sellers can expect nothing short of world-class knowledge, expertise and professionalism when it comes to putting their home on the market.

With over 1,200 private and corporate auctions under his belt and a track record of managing teams of up to 20 real estate professionals, Graham brings with him an extensive history of successful sales.

After witnessing first-hand the need for greater seller support in the Australian property industry, Graham made the leap to Vendor Advocacy in 2003 and hasn’t looked back.

Having consistently collected a string of glowing testimonials from homeowners over the last 15 years, he’s established himself as a meticulous professional with a wealth of experience and advice.

When you select Graham to help sell your property, you’re choosing to give your home the best possible value and outcome.

His unwavering commitment to his clients means you will receive consistent support from the moment you make that first call to the day you hand over the keys, because as he puts it – “it’s what you deserve”.

Jo Vaughan’s Story

Jo Vaughan’s Story

When it comes to caring about our clients we know you will always feel like number one!

In fact, we’re fairly confident (and feel especially proud) in saying that this couldn’t be truer of the case at Selling Homes Melbourne.

Real estate wasn’t Jo’s first love. Jo first started weaving her customer-centric magic in the legal industry, where she developed a deep understanding of conveyancing and contractual matters and the importance of legal and ethical practice before moving to a career in real estate, including over 18 years in Vendor Advocacy.

Like Michael, Jo has seen enough of the real estate industry to know that a successful property sale means more than just a good selling price. It means a second-to-none customer service experience that involves guidance, support and personalised advice from the moment they pick up the phone. Jo isn’t happy until each and every one of her clients feel empowered enough to make the important decisions, which is why she is consistently guiding and educating agents to ensure they maintain the highest possible standards of customer service.

Working with Jo means working with someone who cares, and when it comes to saying goodbye to something as valuable as an investment or as special as a family home, you wouldn’t want anything less.

Michael Scudds’s Story

Michael Scudds’s Story

It’s easy to think of your clients as family when so much of your life revolves around your own.

This is certainly the case for our Founding Director, Michael, who’d much rather we spend the next few paragraphs bragging about his beautiful grandchildren than listing off a bunch of his many career accomplishments. But you came here to sell your house, right?

For over 25 years, Michael has been chalking up a formidable career in the national real estate industry. More importantly, 15 of those have been spent establishing himself as one of the best Vendor Advocates in the game. And he’s done it all. He’s tackled both commercial and residential real estate, worked with both large Owner’s Corporations and young homeowners and secured successful careers in both sales and property management. So, if anybody knows what they’re talking about when it comes to selling homes, it’s Michael.

After joining the team at a Melbourne-based Vendor Advocacy agency and helping them climb their way to the top of the industry ladder, Michael decided to go out on his own. He wanted to give home sellers the one thing they were missing – a personalised experience. For Michael, you’re not just another figure on a spreadsheet; you’re someone who’s entering a new stage in their life, and for him, this is a milestone worth celebrating.

So, if you are looking for a Vendor Advocate who understands what you are going through and who’ll go above and beyond to boost the value of your home and not his pay check, Michael Scudds is your man. Let him take the hassle out of selling your home.